Bookstore/Café Yay!

"Tribute" by Linda Johns, acrylic on paper
After returning a movie, I let Hope lead the way home on our bike ride yesterday. Not surprisingly, we ended up at her favourite used bookstore/café. We had rainbow rooibos tea and both of us found a book that we wanted to take home with us.

Finding books in this manner gives me a lot of pleasure. The fact that Hope loves reading as much as I do makes me exceedingly happy. The book I found is called Sharing a Robin’s Life. What an odd and fascinating book! It’s about a woman in Nova Scotia who has a most unusual relationship with a robin that lives with her in her woodland home.

“Tribute” is a painting by the author, Linda Johns (it is included as the frontispiece of the book). Enchanting work! Theres a short Life Network bio on Linda’s astonishing and eccentric life on YouTube, as well.

Oh! Hope’s treasured find was a Peanuts book. It’s a 1966 paperback edition in good condition. The original price was 40 cents! It was marked $3.95, but I asked for a discount and only ended up paying $2.00. Sharing a Robins Life was marked for $1.50, which is a steal in my opinion. Only $3.50 for two wonderful books! You cant beat that.