I Don’t Know Where I Stand

The vocal arrangement of the Singers Unlimited a cappella cover of Joni Mitchell’s “I Don’t Know Where I Stand” is exquisite. (You can find it on this mix around the 52:48 mark.) Please, put on headphones, close your eyes and just listen. It’s like falling in love—so fluid. Your heart may beat a little faster and you may experience a tingling sensation that, like a warm and shimmering wave, extends to your fingertips and toes.


My sincere thanks to dear Siba for sharing this song in the lovely mix that you didn’t know would be your last. x



Letters for Siba

Troy Dean from Red Light Radio created this beautiful and poignant mix for his partner Siba who passed away recently. A reminder to cherish the ones we love because we never know how long we will have with them. Everything is constantly changing and nothing lasts forever.

I witnessed the death of a grackle last week. It was being chased by a robin when they collided with the glass railing of my neighbour’s deck (a truly senseless design, if you ask me). They both crashed to the ground and rolled painfully on their backs. Their beaks opening and closing silently. The grackle died relatively swiftly, but the robin lived. We put it into a box with air holes punched in it and a tea towel on top. It rested quietly in my daughter’s room for the night. Early the next morning, it flew out of the box so we opened the back door and let it leave on its own. I hope it’s OK. This incident has left me shaken. What frightens me about death (loss) is how swiftly it can happen and how the world keeps turning, as though nothing tragic has occurred. Sensitive people are left to navigate through dark waters on their own.

I don’t know who Troy Dean is personally, nevertheless I feel an affinity to his song selections. I’m sorry for his painful loss, but I’m grateful that he shared this deeply personal and romantic mix with his listeners.

I tell you this
to break your heart,
by which I mean only
that it break open and never close again
to the rest of the world.

Mary Oliver