Isn’t It a Pity

I wonder why we have to suffer so intensely and completely. Why our own brains seem to conspire against us with thoughts that taint our view, cripple, and harm us (and everyone and everything we interact with). How beautiful it is when someone looks at us with light in his/her eyes. With total understanding, compassion, and acceptance. Have you ever caught a glimpse of this pure and selfless love?

Although I don’t love the music for the song “Isn’t It a Pity,” I think the lyrics fit perfectly with what I’m getting at here. This whole album is brilliant though. So open a window, sit in the sunshine, and listen. x

Hafiz, “This Place Where You Are Right Now”

I could tell you a priceless secret about
Your real worth, dear pilgrim,

But any unkindness to yourself,
Any confusion about others,

Will keep one 
From accepting the grace, the love,

The sublime freedom
Divine knowledge always offers to you.

Spring Everywhere

They say that when one flower opens
many open at the same time, 
and its spring everywhere.

Jonathan Cott