Road Trip Songs (Continued)

Recently, I signed out a book called Walk Like a Man: Coming of Age With the Music of Bruce Springsteen. Its memoir-like style with ample and often humorous footnotes makes it an entertaining read. Hope and I were talking about Walk Like a Man and she asked to hear “Radio Nowhere” from Springsteens 2007 album Magic. I wasn’t into Magic when it first came out. I remember Hope was in her car seat as I impatiently peeled the plastic off the CD cover and inserted the disc into our car’s CD player. We drove around until we had listened to the entire album. If I felt anything at all, it was irritation. But as often is the case with Springsteen CDs, Magic grew on me. “Radio Nowhere,” for example, was played at high volume many, many times.[1] Today, I felt that familiar rush of nostalgia while listening to Magic. “You’ll Be Comin’ Down,” “Your Own Worst Enemy,” and “Last to Die” are all catchy tunes with lyrics that leave you feeling somewhat uneasy. In particular though, “Last to Die”[2] is on repeat as it just happens to be another contemplative song from the perspective of a driver behind the wheel.[3]

Oh, and today I heard a fine new release called “Way It Is, Way It Could Be” by The Weather Station.  Mentioned here because it’s another pensive road trip song. Hmmm, this mental playlist is expanding.

[1] Before Hope was even two years old she could sing “Radio Nowhere” word for word. Well, kind of. She called the song “Nobody Right There.”
[2] Did you know that the Pet Shop Boys covered “The Last to Die” on their 2013 album Electric? What?!
[3] Read my blog post “Valentine’s Day.”