Qi Flow Yoga

A while back, I found a copy of the DVD Presence Through Movement: Qi Flow Yoga at a thrift store and paid $2.99. What a find! The DVD is divided into three segments, which is perfect for alternating sessions on a daily basis. At first, I was unable to feel and build the Qi. However with patience and practise I am now able to work with and expand this beautiful energy. Qi Flow yoga has become an integral part of my spiritual practice. 

Kim Eng’s gentle voice guides you through shaking blocked energy in the body, clearing (combing) your energy field, balancing the chakras, grounding, etc. The results from practising daily Qi Flow yoga are nothing short of miraculous. It aids in calming the mindmaking it possible to feel the radiant energy that always flows through the body, but is usually obscured from too much mental activity. From working with this energy comes a sense of aliveness, wellness, fearlessness, and inner tranquility.