An Omen

“When each day is the same as the next, 
it’s because people fail to recognize 
the good things that happen in their lives 
every day that the sun rises.”

~ Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

“Everything that I understand, 
I understand only because I love.”

~ Leo Tolstoy


I believe in the love that you gave me
I believe in the faith that can save me
I believe in the hope and I pray
That some day it may raise me
Above these badlands

~ Bruce Springsteen

My Love

Delighting me with its mysteries, the ocean is a lover I will never tire of.  The sheer beauty of a reflected sunset or the glittery trail of the full moon on its surface. Waves that thrill and slightly terrify me. 

It never fails to deliver precious gifts in the form of smooth stones, colourful shells, and creatures beyond my imagination. A sardine-like fish washes up on the shore. Its silvery skin glimmers in the morning light. Its eyes plead with me. I gently pick it up and hold it in wonder for a moment before tossing it back to safety.

Ceaselessly, waves approach the shore sounding like distant thunder and recede in an effervescent fizz. Its rhythm soothes and heals my sensitive soul. With a mix of fear and excitement, I wait to feel the push of the wave on my surfboard. By an act of grace or pure luck, I pop up to my feet the first time I try and take a short euphoric ride. Adrenaline and endorphins prevent me from feeling the sting of sand scraping my knees when I fall off. It’s not until later that I see the scratches and deep purple that stains my bruised and tender knees.

Even still, my muscles ache pleasantly. Satiated, my body hums with warmth. At times I am overwhelmed by your beauty and can’t hold back tears. All too soon it’s time to leave and I wonder how I will manage. Must I live out my days knowing that our time together will be, at best, intermittent?

Now that I am gone, do you miss my delicate feet wading in your depths; my loving touch as my fingertips skim your shimmering surface? Do you long for my adoring gaze? Does your heart ache with the loss of my presence? My Love, please tell me, why must we be apart?

Beauty Is an Ache

“Beauty is an ache, a presage.
A glimpse, a longing, and a
bewildering ecstasy.”

~ Beth Powning