Meet Me in the Sixties

“Sixties” by The Essex Green, Everything Is Green, 1999.

You pick the place, darlin’
I’ll pick the day
See you there,
Don’t be late.

Somewhere through the gold
of an early autumn breeze
Meet me in the sixties

(partial lyrics)

Nothing Is Impossible

There is a place in you where there is perfect peace.
There is a place in you where nothing is impossible.
~ A Course in Miracles

Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)

Give me love. Give me love
Give me peace on earth
Give me light. Give me life
Keep me free from birth
Give me hope. Help me cope
with this heavy load
Trying to, touch and reach you with,
heart and soul

OM... My Lord...
PLEASE take hold of my hand
that I might understand you
Won’t you please. Oh won’t you

(partial lyrics)
“She Fled Him” by Gennifer Ciavarra, pen, ink, watercolour, and crayon on paper

There are unknown forces within nature; when we 
give ourselves wholly to her, without reserve, 
she leads them to us; she shows us those forms 
which our watching eyes do not see, which our 
intelligence does not understand or suspect.

~ Auguste Rodin


Feeling all tender-hearted for this cedar waxwing we discovered trembling in some bushes yesterday afternoon. It flew into a glass window at my daughter’s school while playing chase with another waxwing (that regretfully didn’t make it). When we found this little guy, it couldn’t fly or even hop so we brought it home and kept it for the night.

We released the bird this morning and it flew into our burning bush to eat a few berries before flying off. So precious!

“Nothing is, unless our thinking makes it so.”

~ William Shakespeare

I am not afraid of tomorrow, 
for I have seen yesterday 
and I love today.

~ William Allen White

Days Go By

The sound of the rain 
needs no translation, 
no explanation.

~ Alan Watts