Hey Jazz Man

My first real job was store manager of an amazing book shop filled to the brim with high-quality used and rare books. Atmosphere was important to the owner and he preferred that we listen to classical music on the sound system. Often, when the owner left for the day, I would tune in to the jazz station, which was still acceptable to him. I really wanted to like jazz (it’s cool to listen to jazz, right?). However, I would soon become weary of it. The sound of drum brushes and cymbals for too long can drive anyone mad! Jazz fanI guess you would sayI am not. Occasionally, though, I come across a song from this genre that truly moves me. 

On Christmas Eve, my ex-monk friend, Alan, posted “Heather” by Billy Cobham on his facebook page. I was mesmerized. Alan posted these words with the song. And, really, could he have posted a more enticing description?

“Very late at night. Quietly listening to music. This track appears out of the ether. Gently, softly, close... and closer, the slowest ‘slow dance’ it’s possible to have. An experience that only two souls on this earth will ever know about and that’s how it will stay forever.”