The Bat-Poet

“The trouble isn’t making poems, the trouble’s 
finding somebody that will listen to them.”

~ Randall Jarrell (Illustrations by Maurice Sendak)


Looking over our most recent additions to the garden this morningbutterfly milkweed, heliotrope, dragon’s blood clover, and African daisiesI heard what I thought was a cat padding through the grass. I was kneeling down and the animal was so close it brushed past my sweater. The encounter was only a couple of heartbeats. Time enough for my brain to register though that it was not a large ginger cat, but a fox. The same radiant fox that pranced past my car earlier this week when I was backing into my driveway.

Illustration: David Lupton

I am in awe of this creature. It’s agile, graceful, and seems playful (naïve though I am, it might have been stalking me and at the last moment decided that I was too big to eat!). Nonetheless, it is quite something to have a wild animal approach so closely of its own freewill. Pure magic!

To continue the theme of red (passion), we also have multiple cardinal pairs nesting in the neighbourhood. I’ve become accustomed to their calls and am often rewarded with flashes of crimson soaring by when I look up after hearing a distinctive chirp.

There’s been a lot of rain this spring, hence a lot of complaining. But I love the freshness that the rain brings. The delicate smell of peonies, lilacs, and mock orange blossoms carries freely on the clean air. Soft sounds of wind chimes, nesting birds, and leaves dancing in the wind soothe and calm. Peace is in the air.

~ May the magic that is always present invigorate and enliven you. With warm thoughts for your health and happiness, Holly x ~

My Father

Father’s Day is less than a week away. I walked to the Pik Kwik today to buy a stamp and some scratch and win tickets to mail with my dad’s card (he likes to dream).

The rain is making meditative circles in the puddles. The trees are lush and the songbirds high in their branches sing contentedly. As I walk, I’m thinking about my dad and how smooth his face is after he shaves. He always smells so goodlike cinnamon. I miss his rough hand holding mine tight. The last time I saw my dad face-to-face we were in the NICU with my newborn daughter. He kissed the top of Hope’s sweet head and told her he loved her. That was seven years ago. It’s been too long.

Searching through old photos, I’m surprised just how few there are of my dad and me. Regrettably, the ones I do have are faded, at an odd angle, or blurred. No perfect shot to capture our relationship. No words to do this either. ~

“Lazy Stoned Monk” by 幾何学模様/Kikagaku Moyo

A little something to get your Muladhara vibrating. ~

Bookstore/Café Yay!

"Tribute" by Linda Johns, acrylic on paper
After returning a movie, I let Hope lead the way home on our bike ride yesterday. Not surprisingly, we ended up at her favourite used bookstore/café. We had rainbow rooibos tea and both of us found a book that we wanted to take home with us.

Finding books in this manner gives me a lot of pleasure. The fact that Hope loves reading as much as I do makes me exceedingly happy. The book I found is called Sharing a Robin’s Life. What an odd and fascinating book! It’s about a woman in Nova Scotia who has a most unusual relationship with a robin that lives with her in her woodland home.

“Tribute” is a painting by the author, Linda Johns (it is included as the frontispiece of the book). Enchanting work! Theres a short Life Network bio on Linda’s astonishing and eccentric life on YouTube, as well.

Oh! Hope’s treasured find was a Peanuts book. It’s a 1966 paperback edition in good condition. The original price was 40 cents! It was marked $3.95, but I asked for a discount and only ended up paying $2.00. Sharing a Robins Life was marked for $1.50, which is a steal in my opinion. Only $3.50 for two wonderful books! You cant beat that.