Boundless Bliss

As a birthday gift, I received last minute tickets to see Bruce Cockburn at Massey Hall in Toronto. It takes a lot to get me into the city these days, but Bruce did not disappoint. He performed with Jenny Scheinman who played the violin like I’ve never seen it played before (at times, like a guitar!).

My favourite songs of the evening were “Lovers in a Dangerous Time” and the instrumental piece “Ancestors” from Bruce’s latest album Small Source of Comfort. When I heard “Ancestors” I think I temporarily left my body and swirled around the majestic ceiling of Massey Hall in acoustic bliss.

I couldn’t find a decent video that did any justice to hearing “Ancestors” performed live so I’ve included “Boundless,” which was shot from the right Balcony. We were sitting on the same side in the Gallery where the seats are uncomfortable and we could hardly see anything. I don’t regret going though. It was an enchanting night and not one I’ll soon forget.

“Boundless” by Bruce Cockburn, Small Source of Comfort, 2011.
The howling wind, it sings to me
the sky looks troubled but I feel free
visions and feeling and ink on my hands
you can travel forever and never land.

(partial lyrics)